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Taman Salak South, 57100 KL

Why Choose Us ?

Dedicated team
At Klinik iMed we provide a range of medical services for you and your family.
Family Care
We provide medical services / consultation for you and your family.
Health Screening
We care for your health, we provide a wide range of health screening packages to suit your needs.
Women Healthcare
Contraception , IUCD, Implanon, HPV Vaccine.
Pregnancy (Pre and Post)
Ultrasound 3D/4D Baby Scan, Fetal growth monitoring, diet, etc
Ultrasound 3D/4d Scan
Ultrasound scanning, ECHO, Thyroid, Abdomen, Kidneys Scan, Breast Scan, Carotid Scan, Musculoskeletal Scan.
COVID-19 Drive Thru Test
RTK / RT-PCR for Factory, Offices, Home Visit Available.

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Healing Hand, Caring Heart


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Klinik iMed provides general medical services, health screening , chronic illness, geriatric and child healthcare, typhoid vaccines, pre-employment screening, Covid-19 Test

health care for kids

Our friendly doctors handles your kids vaccination, skin and more

personalize medical

Thanks to the individual approach we use at Klinik iMed, our patients get better medical service that is designed to fit their personal healthcare needs and budget


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